Get to know us

People will forget what you said, and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them Feel. And what better feeling than to feel looked after?

People that know me will tell you I’m a people person. Someone you can talk about anything to. Someone that’s got time. I’ve always been aware, that when people come into contact with me, they leave with a little more than what they arrived with,- a spring in their step, or a glint in their eye. That’s the true success.

My company runs on the same energy. Alexander Rose Estates is about nurturing relationships. Yes we source, sell, rent and manage properties for our clients, but we care about you, first and foremost. Having worked in estate agency since 2013, I have seen more dreams sold than property, and so I decided my brand would be different, and would be honest, personal and bespoke, growing organically from testimonials, happy clients and people who believe what I believe; that we are all entitled, to Fall in Love with Living.

From the moment we are introduced, you will come to the realisation that we do things a little differently. From the questions asked, to the advice given, it becomes obvious what the foundations of our business are. And it is simply that we value the relationship more than the transaction.

We’re here to help, and are always a call, or in some cases, a few roads away, as our aim is to be the local and trusted face of estate agency. 

Warm regards,

Tobias Alexander Rose
Managing Director

Fall in Love with Living..